Little Egypt Learn A New Dance

Little Ron Achieves The Unlikely, If Not The Impossible

Last Tuesday (25 November), The Morris Men of Little Egypt demonstrated yet more of their enthusiasm by setting out on the second stage of a quest to learn a New Dance.

We were guided by the expert hands and feet of Little Ron of Hageneth, who braved the inclement weather of South Suffolk and the Special Learning Difficulties of our ageing side to teach us the basics (and some of the finer points) of Old Woman Tossed Up ...

The accompanying pics demonstrate quite clearly What Fun We Had.

This proves that Little Egypt actually move while dancing. No timelapse process employed.

This photo proves that Little Egypt actually move while they dance. No time lapse photography has been employed.

Bangsy moves all on his own

And even John Bangs' rhythmic speed fools the lens.

This practice was the first occasion on which New New John had joined us.

This practice was the first occasion on which New New John had joined us. We hope he was not put off by our energy and enthusiasm.

Nev and Ron: the bosses

Neville and Ron exercised a good deal of unwonted discipline on the dancers that evening.

Ron deserves a medal for his hard work

And Ron deserves all our grateful thanks for his hard work. He even tweaked a muscle demonstrating the height of his capers. The Men of Little Egypt rarely threaten such excesses.

Incidentally, the golden mound in the background demonstrates our rural roots: it is the remains of Peter's 1997 grain harvest.

Aldous is knackered

Ron's sessions (he also sadistically introduced us to Whiteladies Aston) are always hard work, as John Aldous would testify.


Meanwhile, the musicians looked on with amusement,

Fred turned up to watch

while founder Fred looked on with amusement and relief.

Take a rest, lads

Frequent rest periods were essential

Peter Peter would be the first to admit.

What the pics do not show is the steam rising from Peter Ford's head, and the lack of sound files prevent my recording the assorted groans and whinges as our tutor insisted on yet another go at the slow bits and SSS. When Smell-o'-th'-net arrives, I will also be able to transmit that irresistible wiff of linament and wintergreen.



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