Men of Little Egypt


The many faces (er, should that be "phases"?) of he who put the "Little" into "Little Egypt"

Er ... we'll have no sizism here, thank you

Tommo is many things to many people in Little Egypt. First of all he was an estate agent beyond compare, who succumbed to the best efforts of the "Changing Room" culture to lure him away into the realms of interior decorating.
Secondly, he is a dancer of some note and no little refinement.
Thirdly he has become a tireless worker on behalf of the side, filling in on many occasions as proactivist and principle chivvier.
Fourthly he is an unashamed lager drinker. There, I've said it.
Fifthly, he is editor and general putter-together of our newsletter, "The Camel".
Sixthly, he plays in the Horkey Band.
Seventhly, he has an encyclopaedic knowledge of the rock music of August 15th, 1985, and no-one, not even the squire dare argue with him.
Eighthly, he falls asleep at the drop of a hat.

Ninthly, he still drinks lager

There, I've said it again.

But tenthly, as he constantly tells us, he is a Rock God who has taken to the road in pursuit of Stardom, reliving his days with the Sugar Gliders as bassist with a C&W outfit. His C & W outfit, it is said, would put Dolly Parton to shame, since he looks a right t*t in it.

We await photoraphic evidence.

Speaking of photographic evidence, the dissolute lifestyle of today's Rock God, even a C&W bassist doing covers of "Steeand Buy Yoer Miann", is well illustrated here:



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