And on to Sheringham...

Little Egypt's second venture into the world of preserved steam railways continued from Wroxham to Sheringham.

Once at Sheringham, we had a hasty lunch, before heading back to the station to pick up the train. Personally, I was a little disappointed because the loco was a nasty little Hunslet industrial, worse still, fitted with a Giesl oblong ejector, so that we all knew the sounds would not be as loud as they should be.The train at Sheringham
As the train shuffled along this delightful coastal line, we were a well-behaved and cheerful bunch, warmly welcomed by the guard, who apologised for the absence of a buffet car.A bunch of happy travellers
John Bangs was so overcome by the emotion and beauty of it all, not to mention Ravensbourne's hospitality, that he drifted into the land of Nod.Sleeping Beauty
In true Little Egypt style we undertook some energetic dancing at Holt, while the loco ran round, before we went back to Sheringham ...Dancing at Holt
... to dance on the seafront. Dave Jukes, of course, felt obliged to demonstrate his stick technique to members of the crowd.Hello, I must be going ...

And so another successful Little Egypt venture was completed. We danced and sang and drank and enjoyed the wonderful sights and sounds of steam-driven transport. It really is a perfect mixture.
Back on the coach, some slept and some just smiled.

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