Little Egypt Go Off The Rails


19 September 1999

Just about a year on, Little Egypt decided to repeat 1998's successful venture into the world of steam and rail and sea.
Last year's visit focussed entirely on the North Norfolk railway between Sheringham and Holt.
This year we decided to spread our time and dancing wings a little.

Our trusty coach and driver took us (dead on time) to Wroxham, where the narrow gauge Bure Valley Railway is to be found. This is a true railway, not just a toy, running through several miles and 45 minutes of beautiful Norfolk countryside, from Wroxham (correctly "Hoveton and Wroxham") to Aylsham, along the track bed of a standard gauge line closed in the brutal '60s.The train at Wroxham
Needless to say, our intention was to dance, and so we did, to a small but seemeingly appreciative crowd. As we did so, our train arrived, just as the Anglia Railways Norwich - Sheringham service passed by.Dancing for the trains
The musicians as usual were on good lively form. Julie, honestly, was not dancing on the track: it is an optical illusion.The musicians at Wroxham
While waiting at Wroxham we noticed this spare coach sitting in the siding; if you can't read it, it is labelled "Morris" - spooky.The Morris Coach
Spookier still was the arrival on the scene of a bunch of railway buffs who, after their initial cries of "Oh no, not sodding Morris dancers" revealed themselves to include in their number some members of Ravensbourne Morris. So we danced with them ...The train cometh
... while the loco was turned, and the guard posed for us ...
... while we prepared to board the train, and Ravensbourne insisted on sharing our coach with us ...The elegant coaching stock of the Bure Valley Railway well as sharing some strange Scottish liquor, served in large litre bottles...It's dark in this coach
... so that by the time the train left Wroxham, everybody was in good spiritsHere we all are...

As the train left Wroxham, the singing began, and continued all the way to the other end of the line, Aylsham, where we bade farewell to our trusty train and crew and headed off for Sheringham.Aylsham Station

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