Men of Little Egypt

John Taylor

Another new biography.
Can there be more?

Nearly, but not quite, New John Taylor (47) (actually, by my reckoning, he should be New New New New New John, but who's counting?) boasts neither a fine house in the village, a fine singing voice nor a fine dancing style, being only an occasional visitor from Essex where such attributes are mainly unheard of.
Equally, of course, unless you're Bob Farmer, they're not often heard of in Glemsford either, and even with Bob, that's only the "house" bit.

In fact John's only claim to fame was once being told he looked a bit like Clark Gable (whoever he is - or was).
Readers, of course, will make their own mind up about that.

However what he lacks in skill is compensated by a cunning ability to go for the beers when yet another tricky dance is announced (that is, as long as somebody else is paying).

Actually, come to think of it, there are a couple of other claims to fame which became apparent during the last trip to Ireland, where New New New New New New New New New New John got a "Highly Commended" for his Lecherous Vicar Lookalike, and won the Resemble Les Patterson event during the repechage.

John is 51.



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