Little Egypt's Jolly Japes Charabanc Outing to the Splendid Seaside Resort of


July 15, 2000

Traditions grow thick and fast in Little Egypt. One that has taken off with a vengeance has the coach outing to Southwold.
This year, the coach was full as it left the village: full of people and anticipation.
This pictorial record is created with the help of Squire Neville's programme notes for the day.

"11.15 a.m.
Sole Bay Inn - Dancing in the Road
Squire's Top Tip - Try a small glass of Adnam's Bitter"
Grey skies do not deter us

We gather in the road outside the Sole Bay Inn

Part of our fine collection of inn-signs Pre-dance tension: New New and New Mart psych themselves for testing times

Some of us took the Squire's advice

Walk to Red Lion -
Thirsty Work!"
"12.30 p.m.
Dancing at the Red Lion
Squire's Top Tip - Keep up the Fluid Levels with Adnams Bitter"
Still undeterred

It was cloudy but we danced well

Another in our growing collection of innsignsThe lines migrate

Dancing Steamboat

This was your author's annual dance: note the waistcoat and lack of bells

Dancing Speed the Plough

There is always some Boney to Swagger

Swaggering Boney
Note: Mark the Melodeon Man
participates in the dance.

"1.45 p.m.
Coach takes us to the Harbour Inn
(Full of glee)"
"2.00 p.m.
Fish & Chips served in large portions
Squire's Top Tip -
Salt Makes You Thirsty"

Neville enjoys his lunch at The Harbour

Are you sure you've got my better side?
Not what you'd call a picturesque pub, but ...

The Harbour Inn

...until people started throwing food, a good meal.

New New and Martin discuss the finer points of pewter

Neville consults his itinerary

Where the hell are we?
"3.00 p.m.
Coach takes us to the Market Place
(full of beer)
(Tommo pukes)"
"3.30 p.m.
Dancing in the Market Place
(Jukes pulls)"

Dancing in the Market Place
(Did Jukes pull?)

Quite  a decent crowd, here.
Who's hidden the side drum?

The Happy Band

"4.15 p.m.
Tea and Tiffin
(Bangs to Blag the Swan Hotel)"

Tea was Too much for Tommo

zzzz...zzz...zzzzz... Was I snoring?

Others had the same problem

"4.45 p.m.
Coach departs Southwold (Market Place)
For Mystery Tour of Darkest Suffolk "
"5.30 p.m.
Arrive mystery destination no. 1
Squire's Top Tip -
Lemon and Ginger Goes Down Well"

Now: this mystery destination proved to be:

St Peter's Brewery

near Bungay

a quite extraordinary place, with amazing beer

The Medieval Splendour of St Paters Brewery

A magnificent setting

The splendid interior of St Peters
note the strange shaped bottles

Neville organises a piss up in a brewery
"6.30 p.m.
Coach Departs
Squire's Top Tip -
Look out for excellent view of Heveningham Hall"
"7.00 p.m.
Arrive Mystery destination no. 2
Things to do:
  • Drink
  • Play
  • Sing
  • Dance (?)

Note: Sandwiches Only available
Squire's Top Tip -
Don't panic, but there's no bar."

This mystery destination

proved to be the King's Head
at Laxfield
also known as the Low House

Quite an amazing place.

Another fine sign for the collection
The pub remains fixed in time, with little rooms
full of bric a brac and settles.
We had a great time.
Going ahead

Going Ahead at Laxfield Low House

Settle-ing down to the serious business
"9.00 p.m.
Depart for home
Relaxed as newts"
(Actually, it was nearer 9.45)
"10.00 - 10.30 p.m.
Arrive Glemsford"
(Actually, it was nearer 11.45 p.m.)