Travel By Steam

Some time in the dim and distant past, there used to be some lovely photographs on this page.
Then they disappeared.

Now, as if by magic, they're back.
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One of our favourite, but most exhausting, dances is called "Swaggering Boney". As with all Morris, it has a jaunty, catchy tune.

The tune has an alternative title, which, for us, is quite appropriate: "Travel By Steam". Appropriate, because, last year, we enjoyed a co-operative venture with a group of traction engine enthusiasts from Cambridgeshire.

In the Autumn of '96, we travelled to their home base and were hauled in stately splendour out of the village of Harlton, where Neville and his wife Carole ran a pub for a while. In 1997, they brought their snorting behemoths to Glemsford, and we travelled from Glemsford to Cavendish and back on a circular journey (naturally calling at several hostelries en route).

The foray ended in pouring rain at the Angel, and then at Nev's place, but not before we had been cheered through the villages, and several of us had taken the opportunity to drive the snarling beasts.

In deference to the usual practice of steam engines of exhausting large quantities of sooty debris, we did not wear our normal Cotswold White uniform, but instead sported our alternative tribute to Agricultural Labourers of yore, known affectionately as our "Horkey Gear".

The combination of Steam, Music, Dancing, Morris and Beer proved unbeatable.

At rest, while we take on water at the Five Bells 
A rural idyll  Look at my stick 
The rolling English road  Oi! You can't park that thing there: put it at the end of Neville's drive! 

See also details of our September 1998 trip to the North Norfolk Railway.

We have also recovered some photos of the 1996 Venture into Steam


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