Little Egypt's Dancing Season

Updated for 1999

Newly updated - 12 August, with apologies for earlier misleading information.

Changes reflect the recent changes to the side, like the loss of a musician!

Traditionally, as with a lot of Morris sides, our season begins on May 1st. At 4.30 a.m., we gather at Park Farm, overlooking the Glem valley and Stanstead Great Wood, to dance in the dawn. (Pictures of 1998 are still available here). After dancing, we enjoy a traditional farmhouse breakfast, before heading off to our daily toils (or, rather, since this year's May Day is a Saturday, we'll probably go and do the shopping.)

There will also be our now-traditional session of dancing on Boxing Day, fortified by plenty of sausage rolls, mince pies, the occasional glass of beer and a tot or several of Schnapps, courtesy of our German friends.


The Rest of the Morris


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