Little Egypt's Dancing Season


Traditionally, as with a lot of Morris sides, our season begins on May 1st. Last year, at 4.30 a.m., we gathered at Park Farm, overlooking the Glem valley and Stanstead Great Wood, to dance in the dawn. (Pictures of 1998 are still available here).
This year is slightly different: apart from Rochester preceding the Dawn Dance, you need to watch this space for full details of our Dawn venue.
As another break from tradition, after our dancing this year, we will enjoy a traditional farmhouse breakfast courtesy of Jan at "The Angel". This year May Day is actually the Bank Holiday, so, instead of heading off to our daily toils, we've got some other dancing organised (see below).

Saturday 29 April
Rochester Sweeps Festival
Monday 1 May
4.30 a.m. Dancing The Dawn
Breakfast at Jan 'n' Dave's
Bocking May Day Festivities:
1.30 p.m. - "Rose and Crown"
2.30 p.m. - "King William"
Wednesday 10 May
Hartest, "Crown",
with Bury Fair
Saturday 13 May
Glemsford Millennium Barn Dance
- Village Hall -
with the Horkey Band
Tuesday 16 May
Pub venue
- to be confirmed -
Saturday 20 May
Bury St Edmunds
- Day of Dance -
Wednesday 24 May
Horringer "Six Bells"
- with Hageneth -
Friday 2 June
Bardwell "Dun Cow"
- Bangs and Jukes Country -
Tuesday 13 June
Polstead "Cock"
- with Lagabag -
( - to be confirmed - )
Friday 16 -
Sunday 18 June
Mikurenda Country
- Dorset and Wilts -
(Most likely they will)
Sunday 25 June
Glemsford Millennium
Gala Day
Friday 30 June
Exning "Wheatsheaf"
with Ely and Littleport Riot
( - to be confirmed - )
Saturday 1 July
Private Party
Tuesday 4 July
Clare "Swan"
Saturday 8 July
Ely Folk Festival
Saturday 15 July
The Big One
St Peters Brewery
Friday 21 July
Brent Eleigh "Cock"
Monday 28 August
Mersea Island Regatta
Friday 8 September
Stanstead "White Hart"
with Westrefelda (TBC)
Tuesday 19 September
Belchamp Otten "Red Lion"
Saturday 23 -
Sunday 24 September
Barley Brigg Dance Weekend
Saturday 21 October
The Horkey
Friday 3 November
Long Melford
Big Night Out

Other dates yet to be finalised include another Travel By Steam, helping Bardwell Windmill, dances-out with Green Dragon, the Haverhill Harlots and Mandrake, and a few traditional pub venues.
Keep visiting.

There will also be our now-traditional session of dancing on Boxing Day, fortified by plenty of sausage rolls, mince pies, the occasional glass of beer and a tot or several of Schnapps, courtesy of our German friends.


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