Glemsford's Pubs

A Guide to the Heart of the Village

Glemsford is particularly fortunate in having a selection of pubs for the discerning drinking public to choose from.

There are five establishments in the village, which is a considerable number in these times when many villages have lost their pubs altogether. On top of that, the village also has a licensed Social Club.

The five are, in no order of preference:

The Angel Inn on Egremont Street, reputedly one of the oldest buildings in the village, which serves Greene King Ales straight from the barrel unassisted by any external forces, other than gravity;The Cock Inn, also on Egremont Street, which has recently undergone extensive refurbishment, and is now offering Bed and Breakfast to the discerning visitor
The Cherry Tree on Tye Green, which has had a variety of previous names and functions. After recent renovtion work, some disrespectful people have started to refer to it as the Stump and SkipThe Black Lion, on Lion Road, is a very old building with many fascinating features, right in the heart of the village; it too has had a lot of refurbishment, and offers an excellent meal service
The Crown on Brook Street, which also glories in many old features and whose deeds date back into the 17th Century.Lest we become too proud, these pubs are but a fraction of the former total, with others like the Three Turns (yes, there should be an "r" there), the Greyhound, the Swan and the Prince of Wales among those that have gone to the great brewery in the sky.


The rest of the village

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