Men of Little Egypt

John Proffitt

As will be seen from the grainy quality of the photofit, Prof has been with the side for a while.
He is our treasurer.
Even this does not explain why he disappeared into the wilds of Japan during 2000 and was not seen for weeks.
He came back with tales of derring-do and raw fish.
We thought he must have caught a cold while he was there, or at least been teaching the locals English nursery rhymes, because he kept sneezing. Well, we thought he was saying "Tishoo, Tishoo, All fall down", but it was, it turned out, "Geisha, geisha" ...

Prof has training as a drama teacher, which is reflected equally in his dancing skill, his protest at attempts by the side to spend any of its money, and his contribution to the Mumming season.



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