Men of Little Egypt

John "Nunu" Fleming: another triumph of miniaturisation

Another new biography.
I hope yet more will follow.


... or ...


John "Nunu" Fleming joined LE back in 1997(?) after being duped (again) by the Squire at a drunken Beaujolais Nouveau evening.
(What sort of evening is not drunken when Nunu is around?)
We thought he was the only new recruit that Tuesday, but Sebastian Dangerfield qv) also joined. So we got Two for the Price of One? Or "Bog-Off", in retail parlance.
Being one of several men in the side called John, he became New New New John, which would never stand the test of the Morris, so it transpired after another drunken (see what I mean?) episode that NuNu would suffice.
In an inspiring act of self-denial, Nunu assumed the respected position of "Stick Meister", which some have described as "not a good career move"! (Rather like joining the Morris, really.)

Nunu's hobbies include caravan farming - at least, we think it has taken root.

He is married to Hazel, aka Maigret of Norway, to understand which reference, you'se'll heff to see the Mumming pagiz, Jummy.



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