Men of Little Egypt

"New Martin" Cleverdon

What follows, he largely wrote himself, so I accept no (well, little) responsibility.

"Born at an early age, eons ago in Bromley, which in those days was still in Kent.
Educated - allegedly, at various schools, most of them approved.
Joined the Morris at a late stage in life, because the pub was shut, having sworn on my mothers life that no-one would ever get me dancing those silly dances in public the rest is history.
Likes - Drinking, Shooting, Drinking, Dancing, Drinking, taking the rise out of Tommo.
Dislikes - Closed pubs and handkerchief dances.
Marital status - none - but still available for nights out and Bar Mitzvah's - book early to avoid disappointment.
A Melford newcomer having only lived there for 30 years, but I have applied for Glemsford citizenship.
I am an animal lover, but don't tell everyone (what I do in the privacy of my own home is my business).
Employed as a Finance Director for a local Aluminium Casting manufacturer. Part time ( I'm there full time, but what they don't know can't hurt them).
I can't think of anything else."

I can. He has a moustache which is a cross between Salvador Dali and Terry-Thomas. He also takes part in the Annual Mumming, and organises Steak 'n' Kidley Pudden evenings.
Enough said really.



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