The Musicians of Little Egypt

The Musicians of Little Egypt come from a wide range of backgrounds. Some have been professionally taught; others learn by ear. Some have an encyclopaedic knowledge of folk music; some learn as they go.

The level of musicianship is very high, whatever the route to learning may have been. It is an entertainment in itself to take one's eyes off the dancing (if that is possible) and just listen to the work of the musicians.

Founder Fred was, of course, our founder and master-musician. As he has gradually taken a back seat in the side, other musicians have come along.
Martin Barrett plays a mean melodeon and drives big trucks in his spare time.
Mark Mikurenda used to combine his enormous breadth of musical knowledge with a school deputy headship, training the school's Morris side and editing the Suffolk folk magazine, "Mardles".
Now, as reported elsewhere, he has moved on to meadows fresh and pastures Wiltshire. we miss him.
Mark in cycling mood
Bob Farmer blows a mean penny whistle, and his skills have stood the test of time.I'm harmless really

Pippa Clarke is Little Egypt's version of the brat pack. She plays a range of recorders, but her main instrument is a gleaming trombone, which she took to Barcelona and Holland with the Suffolk Youth Wind Band.
Now she has moved on to the fields of Academe, so will only appear on a casual basis.

It's Coke. It's Pip.

Julie Bazouki came to the side with dancer husband Tommo.She sings as well as playing her strange elongated plucked instrument. "The Fields of Athenry" is a particular favourite.

The Thomsons Travel by Train

Alex Clarke was a founder member of the musical side of Little Egypt. Supporting Fred with her cultured fiddle playing (which, in another guise, turned out as second violin for the Suffolk Youth Orchestra), she was there from the start .Her performances were necessarily curtailed by her six month sojourn in the People's Republic of China. She claims to have educated the burghers of Shanghai in the art of the rant, albeit by demonstrating it as the latest in disco-dancing steps. On her return, she played a few more turns before wandering off to University.
She keeps coming back, and then disappearing again. When last contacted, she was about to board a train from Berlin to Krakow, but has also been sighted in Dresden and Istanbul (twice).

The side also "employs" a range of percussion, including side drum and bodhran, about which the least said the better.


The Rest of the Morris


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