Our Mumming Programme 1998

Come and See

Little Egypt/Stour Valley's Mumming season got off to a slow start. A certain lack of rehearsal showed through on 18 December, in the "Five Bells" and "The George" in Cavendish. Things were beginning to improve by the time we reached "The Bull", and the White Hart at Stansted saw our best performance of the evening.

On Sunday 20th, we went out of immediate area to dance and perform in aid of the Bardwell Mill Restoration Fund. The mumming performance was good, showing just how much a critical audience can put performers on their mettle. The local football team were there en masse, hoping for a rowdy lunchtime pint, rather than a "bunch of poofters in drag and make up". Their ribaldry led us on.

Tuesday 22nd got gradually better, although audiences were a bit thin on the ground, except in the "George and Dragon", Long Melford and, of course, at "The Angel".

Boxing Day, at the Black Lion was its usual crowded self. I suppose it was right and fitting that we saved our best performance until last. Eat your heart out, Busby Berkeley.

Photos taken at the "White Hart":

St George, Room and "Little" Johnny Jack"
Dr Leech and Room
Soldier Bold
Dr Leech and Turkish Knight
Father Christmas.

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