Men of Little Egypt

Gregory Stow

"I'm Nobody's Doppelganger Now"

In which Truth is definitely stranger than Fiction.
I have referred previously to the passing resemblance between Mr Stow and Mr Bangs.
Now, in his own words, Mr Bow, or is it Mr Stangs, tells all:

In a previous life about 45 years ago and living in Enfield, north London, I was a member of a scout troop which also contained a young John Bangs ( both about 12years old at the time ).

Fast forward to 2004:
our Friend and Fiddle player told us about a Morris Side at Glemsford who were dancing at the Black Lion because one of their members was leaving to move to Ireland, and as I always spoke fondly of Morris Dancing, would we like to go and see what goes on?

Seeing the person that was supposedly leaving and thinking he looked familiar, I asked Sandy who he was.

My response was "NO! - it can't possibly be the same John Bangs I knew 45 years ago in Enfield, it must be a look-alike, god help him, poor chap."

We went to the Rochester Sweeps in 2005, again to see what it was all about, without getting the chance to ask this new John Bangs who he really was.

However, a few weeks later I decided "That's it," and I summoned the courage to go along to a practice night where I was duly introduced to the Grandiose Squire (Well! I've heard him called a few things, but never Grandiose") and a few others as they wandered, what appeared to be aimlessly, into the hall.

However I was not introduced to John, during the (early for MMLE) revelry of starting some practice, and I was sitting with the musos, probably trying to hide, until I was sure I wanted to become part of this madness, and "Just how much commitment is needed?"

All of a sudden from the other side of the hall I heard a voice say Greg Stow ? Greggg Stowww ?

My response was "OH NO! It IS THE REAL JOHN BANGS!" - from my past life that I thought I'd safely left a long way behind - a long time ago.

Suffice it to say (so far ?) it has been nice meeting up with him, and the rest of the side have made me feel really welcome, although I can't help keep looking over my shoulder in trepidation wondering what's going to happen next, in what appears to be true Morris form.

I just drink the beer and do the dance and wait for whatever fate throws at me.

In actual fact that's how I live my life anyway so why change ?

Why indeed? It all goes to prove that what goes around, is normally circular, and life is full of surpluses.


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