Little Egypt dance at Long Melford Country Fair, 13 June 1999

Although it was rather soggy under foot, after all the heavy rain on Saturday, the weather held fine for Little Egypt's appearance at the annual Long Melford Country Fair in the grounds of Long Melford Hall.

Although we don't really like dancing on grass, this was a good day, after all.

We found ourselves decent pitch just outside the Beer Tent.

Is that beer in that glass?

We managed a couple of good dances. In fact, our first spot was really rather good, and went down well with the crowd, too.

Crowds gather.

We sampled some of the excellent real ales on sale; some of them were instantly quaffable.

Neville has acquired himself a new tankard.

Gut barging again, Nev?
And as this picture indicates, he has not lost girth either.

One of the real highlights of the Fair is the presence of large numbers of steam traction engines. As recorded elsewhere, Little Egypt has a natural affinity for things steaming, so we were in our element.

BehemothGarrett of Leiston

What a sight!

All in all we had an excellent time.


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