Little Egypt


May Day 1999


May 1st 1999 promised to be a good day. The previous two days and evenings had been bright and sunny, so we hoped for a spectacular sunrise across Kentwell and Stansted.

By tradition, we gather at Park Farm at 4. 30 a.m., just as the first light is showing in our Suffolk sky. So it was this year. The beautiful songs of skylark, thrush and blackbird suggested the birds were more awake than some of the dancers:

John "Doods" Suttle attracted some sympathy from Derek Southgate.

Our hopes for a brilliant sunrise were dashed by the heavy mist which had settled over the Glem, but the gloom brought its own beauty to the surrounding trees and buildings:

Undeterred, and positively revelling in the pleasures of an early morning, we ventured out into the mists.

Such pleasures ...
As the musicians warmed up,
Warming up
the dancers took their ordained places, without need of guidance or floodlight.As the first sounds of bell and stick echoed across the still-sleeping valley (some hope!), graceful shapes shimmered in time with the mist.
... just as on that first dawn ...... the rhythm carries on ...

The camera catches the mist

(Who wrote this meretricious rubbish, anyway?) Ed.

The dancing continued for an hour or more:

dancers ...... in the early light ...

... with subtle step ...... and lithesome limb

Dancing in the dawn ......while others merely watch.

There was one major break with tradition.

The Squire was missing. Instead his alter ego made a surprise appearance, to supervise and root out apathy.

Messy bunch ...
And then, as if by magic, the morning air was blessed by the ethereal, lark-like trill of Tommo's mobile phone (specially designed for busy estate agents). Yes, it was the REAL Nev, beaming in, all the way from Dallas, Texas, to see if we were up. Both Tommo
 Hello: 5% commission, that's right
and John Aldous
Hello, is that JR?
spoke to him, so it must have been real.

There was one note of discord. Someone noticed that John Aldous was wearing brown shoes.Brahn bootsBut he quickly explained that he must have trodden in something nasty, so that was ok.

The dancing being done, only the music was left to linger over the valley

... the melody lingers ...
and we all adjourned to the farmhouse, where, as if by magic, a sumptuous farmhouse breakfast had been prepared. Thanks Charmaine, Angie, Marilyn.

This was duly consumed:

Food,  and chatter.

Meanwhile, Neville looked on with critical eye.

Watch his language

To cap it all, Peter then announced his forthcoming marriage to Maureen. What better way to finish off another magic May Day Morning? Well done both of you.

A traditional Little Egypt huddle

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