May Day 2000

Little Egypt Break with Tradition

As always, the Morris Men of Little Egypt were determined to greet May Day dawn in the year 2000 with appropriate dance and festivities.
This year, we moved the venue for the dance to a further outskirt of the village, namely Easty Wood.
These are the earliest images of that dance. I hope to be able to add more as they return form the chemist.

It Ain't Half Dark Mum
As can been seen, in order to greet the dawn, we have to get up while it is still dark.

There has been a lot of rain lately
But, by the time the intrepid dancers reached Easty Wood, they were able to greet the dawn in style.
There has been a lot of rain lately and, truth to be told, the white trousers became a little spattered with mud.
Not least, this was because one of the side, "townie" Dave Hartley, thought he could park his trusty camper van on a field, not realising that fields involve mud rather than tarmac. The result was that other members of the side had to push said van out of the mire.
Nevertheless, the dancing was good.

Tye Green
Another break with tradition was the move to have breakfast at The Angel, courtesy of Jan 'n'Dave.
On the way to breakfast, the merry crew could not resist dancing on Tye Green. We are not sure what the neighbours thought.

Don't wake the neighbours
Talking of which, it has to be recorded that, for the first time in the history of the sdie, I was unable to take part in the celebration this year, for reasons attached to offspring, lack of sleep, university and the A1.
Just to make sure I didn't feel left out, the side made a detour to wake me up. They succeeded. It was 6.45 a.m.. A neighbour came out to watch. He said nothing.

These early photos are courtesy of Mike Hamilton. There will be more.

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