Instant May Day

Some images from our greeting of the dawn.

Some instant grainy images of a grainy grey morning above the Glem Valley, May 1st 1998.

A few restless rooks were there to watch along with 26, yes twenty-six, assorted dancers and musicians.

It was a grainy, grey day above the Glem Valley.

It was a grainy grey day

Just to prove we started before daylight It was not light when we started.

Squire Neville supervises all Squire Neville kept a stern eye on proceedings

The sun didn't shine, so John invented itThe sun rose, but we couldn't see it, so John Aldous provided a suitable substitute.

Steamboat, by Martin BarrattEveryone joined in.

Dancing Ring of Bells before most alarm clocks even dreamt of chiming.Ring of Bells for May Day

Now, there are so many of us, it takes three pictures to make a group shot.

While Founder Fred looked on proudly.

Founder Fred glows with pride

Following the dance, an excellent breakfast was served in the farmhouse` of Park Farm, courtesy of Peter Ford and the partners of many of the dancers.

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