There are several reasons for putting this first.
Barron Potts lives in Glemsford. You can visit his house here.
His website puts this one to shame. Visit it and enjoy: BUT not through here, because people have not been using the link properly.


This one is, however, working and is most impressive. Simon has put together some excellent work on Suffolk Churches, and there are some great, detailed pictures of St Mary's, Glemsford along with good architectural notes. Well worth the visit.

Suffolk Churches

This site is a major piece of research which will fascinate villagers, visitors and researchers alike:

Equally, I can't think of anything more important than the work of EACH

It's nice to know that some people maintain the best traditions of youth work in this area. I am delighted to carry this link:

Nothing stands still. The Cock Inn, on Egremont Street, has undergone some changes lately, and is now offering Bed and Breakfast

The Cock Inn

Just across in Essex is Foxearth.
This new website is superb.

Visit the Haverhill website

Clare also has pretensions to be a town. It is well worth a visit`.

Stowmarket is a bit further away, but this is a nicely historically based site

Glemsford has not a single antique shop: Long Melford has plenty.
It's also quite pretty

Long Melford Green

Melford also has more than one website. This one is all modern and trendy - well worth a visit.

Lavenham is an amazingly attractive, well-preserved and cared for village.

There are, of course, plenty of decent pubs around. Stansfield is a pleasant village, and The Compasses is a lovely pub

This is a Suffolk Search friendly site

Search Suffolk using Suffolk Search, a recommended search resource...

Glemsford on

A "What's On?" guide to

East Anglia

Belchamp St Paul (it's in Essex) has an interesting Morris side

Who put the Belch in Belchamp?

Green Dragon dance a different sort of Morris

Breathing Fire

My site's now linked to the Ipswich "Evening Star" site: lots of useful Suffolk stuff.

Finally: a few sites which reflect my own enthusiasms and idiosyncrasies.
"Tam Lin" is a very fine example of British folk song. This site is dedicated solely to the magic knight.

Roy Harper is, in my opinion, the very best of all English singer/songwriters. There are several sites dedicated to him, but start here.

The photo is reproduced courtesy of Simon Foster, with thanks. It's his photo.

Roy at Glastonbury

What goes around ...

tends to get dizzy.
I am of the age when reunions and nostalgia start to take over. The question of the day is more often "I wonder whatever happened to ..." rather than "How about it?"
In my youth, when we changed the world, there was a magic band from Wimbledon called White Unicorn (but I thought Unicorns were white by definition) with whom I moved and grooved and carried a few hundredweight of PA equipment and Marshall 200s. They were good times, especially the Fairport gig which was my last.
Weeks of searching have helped uncover the mystery as to what happened at least one of them.
Time to go to the Movies. Thanks Jon.
Lets go to the Movies

And the beat goes on ...

Further exploration and coincidence, has put me back in touch with some very talented people I used to know and has led me to this site. Along with Baron's Phoenix Alliance work, this site, in its utter simplicity, is one of the best I've found.
It should humble us all.


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