Out and about with Lagabag

Tuesday 9 June: Polstead: "The Cock"

Belling Up
As always at the beginning of a dancing session, the men perform the timeless ceremony known as "Belling Up"

The Pub buildingThen...The sides gather
the two sides gather in anticipation of the evening's frivolity to come.

Lagabag are always good company.
Lagabag again

We dared dance Whiteladies Aston:

Whiteladies Aston
As you will see
Whiteladies Aston
if you examine these photos carefully
Whiteladies Aston
Whiteladies Aston is a dance
Whiteladies Aston
which has a seriously debilitating effect on the participants.

And then the sun set

Banbury Bill at Sunset
on another lovely evening.At the going down of the sun

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