Men of Little Egypt

Dave Jukes

Dave, Call me Debonaire, Jukes, dreams of the next golf course.

What is there to say about this gentleman?

Like John Bangs, he comes from nearly Norfolk. More to his credit, he dances the Macarena and sinks boats when we're not looking.

Speak not of it TOO loudly, but Dave is also developing something of a reputation as the master of the chat-up line. Maybe it is the effect of his Terry-Thomas style whiskers, but he seems unable to resist clichés such as "That's a nice perfume" and "What's your name? ... How strange, that was my mother's name!" Amazingly, some people seem to be taken in by his suave technique. Luckily, the rest of us have become alert to his opening gambits - in fact, we can see them a mile off - and have developed an effective early warning system for the unsuspecting, which takes the form of "Oh no Jukesey, you're not on the pull again, are you?"

Seriously, we know he doesn't mean it, but then neither did David Beckham or Genghis Khan.



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