Horkey '99 - The Action

As usual, the day began with the ceremony of Taking the Harvest, in which the elected Lord of the Harvest (Tommo, this year) makes the contract with the farmer (Peter Ford, as ever). If you're interested, Dave "That's My Mother's Name" Jukes was elected Lady of the Harvest.Take the harvest
This ceremony was carried out under the interested gaze of the rest of the side. This year we had a full (almost) turn out, including the happy return-for-the-day of Mark Mikurenda.Once the contract was made, we Hollered Largesse.Then take the harvest
The side then posed for a group photograph ...Smile please.
...before setting off with the Horkey Bough to visit various parts of the village, starting in Stanway Close. In the course of our dancing, we altered one of our dances by parading the bough through the set, thus changing from "Speed the Plough" to "Speed the Bough".Stanway Close
The massed band of Little Egypt was paraded for the special day. Eddie carried Little Neville.Musicians at work
From Stanway Close, we went to dance outside the baker's, then on Fair Green, then at the Mace store - "Thank'ee for the largesse, Mr Stiff" - before Little Egypt broke with tradition by having a drink.
The break with tradition was that this drink was drunk at the Cherry Tree. The photo proves it.
Proof: the Cherry Tree
Then we had another drink in the Cherry Tree, and decided to pose for another picture.Me? I'm hard, I am.
One of the most important duties of Horkey Day is "Filling the Squire's Pond". Since Nev lives opposite the Cherry Tree, the ale we had taken on board came in handy (if you'll excuse the expression).Filling the pond.
We finally made it to The Angel for lunch, having ordered Fish and Chips on the way. As you can see, Doods has not learned his table manners yet, but the newspaper saved him from humiliation. (Apologies for the poor photo quality)Don't talk with your mouth full.
Neville likes making speeches. He had several excuses on this occasion: Pip was leaving for university, Mark was back for the day, and, of course, Mo was leaving. Nev made a speech, or three.I would like to say ...
Some of us listened... and some of us didn't
We danced and sang and had a jolly good lunchtime which went on until about five o'clock. Mo, meanwhile, smiled from behind the bar.
Thanks for your hospitality, Mo.
Mo in her splendour


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