Little Egypt Horkey
October 21, 2000

The Morris Men of Little Egypt celebrated the Horkey - the East Anglian "Harvest Home" - on 21 October this year.

As always, the celebration started at Park Farm, with the Ceremony of Taking the Harvest.
Mr John Proffitt was elected Lord of the Harvest; Mr John Suttle, Esquire, played the (appropriate) part of the Wealthy Farmer in accepting the Harvest Contract.
Posing by the Church
From the Church, we processed to Brook Street, where we performed, and posed, and Hollared Largesse.
The kind tradesman, in the form of Mr Barry Fuller, Master Baker, dispensed Largesse according to tradition.
At Anne's Pantry, posing as usual
Then we assembled outside Mace Stores (now featuring the Post Office) (proprietors, M & M Stiff, Licensed to Deal in Game). Again, Largesse was dispensed, and the Horkey Bough played a prominent part.
Mr Proffitt was, by this time, beginning to feel the pace, as shown in his improvised OAP walker, borrowed from the store.
More posing fro our devoted public.
The first "Watering Hole" of the day was our old HQ, The Black Lion, where we received a cheery welcome, and where we danced in the light drizzle that fell all day. No photos at present.
The intake of ale meant the side were well prepared to undertake the now-traditional Filling of the Squire's Pond on the way past.
Despite the very wet weather, the Squire's Pond always needs filling.
Filling the Pond
Thence to Turner's Fine Fish and Chips Emporium, to order our lunch, processing across Tye Green en route.
Processing across Tye Green; Cleverdon to the fore, and not carrying the Weighty Horkey Bough
Never being ones to miss a chance, we danced outside the shop, to the delight of all and sundry. Largesse here extended to free bottles of vinegar and tomato sauce.
You will notice the presence of Mr Mark Mikurenda, who returned (and welcome) from exile in Dorset to be with us for the day.
Dancing Steam Boat outside the fish shop.
Thence to "The Angel", to consume our Fish and Chips, to Drink and Sing a little, before preparing for the evening's festivities in the Village Hall. Click to see the evening events

Go forward to the evening celebration or back for full details of the 1999 Horkey, with a more detailed explanation of the Horkey tradition.


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