Little Egypt Horkey 2000
The Evening Celebration

This year, we reinstituted the tradition of the evening celebration cum Barn Dance cum Come All Ye, which we left out last year.
We were treated to an excellent crowd again, who came along to dance, and talk and eat, and drink a little, and generally enjoy themselves. A group of bon viveurs
The evening was another opportunity for the Famous Horkey Band to demonstrate its collective expertise:
  • Mark Mikurenda: melodeon
  • Martin Barrett: melodeon
  • Julie Thomson: guitar
  • Alex Clarke: fiddle
  • Paul "Tommo" Thomson: bass guitar and silly hats
  • Steve Clarke: percussion and sensible hats
with Calling by the inimitable John Aldous
The famous Horkey Band
Prominent in the Hall was the symbolism of the Horkey Bough The majestic Horkey Bough
At the start of the evening, the side's resident Historian and Archivist, Steve Clarke, was called upon to explain the significance to the ever-attentive crowd. Now: just listen, will you?
Later in the evening, John Bangs did his usual blagging job, for the raffle.Give us a quid ...
Other entertainment included a performance of the Horkey Stomp by resident members of the Morris Men of Little Egypt ...
... and it was patently obvious that Messrs Jukes (now aged 50, by the way), Proffitt and Cleverdon were enjoying themselves all too well. We're a right laugh, us
All in all, a hugely enjoyable and successful event.
We MUST thank all who helped, particularly Mary Newsome and her team for the excellent refreshments, Big Nev for Big Nev's Bar, the Horkey Band, Westrefelda, for keeping the dancing going with their usual elan, and of course, everyone who turned out.
See you all next year.

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