Dancing at Hawkedon "Queens Head" - 14 May 1999

Our first proper pub dance of the season took place on Friday 14 May at the nenwly re-opened "Queen's Head", in the neighbouring village of Hawkedon.

Hawkedon gives the lie to the myth that East Anglia is a flat and boring area, set as it is amid gently rolling hills and fields, reached by meandering lanes, with a perfect Suffolk church on a high point green

A splendid view of Suffolk.

The fine pub sign
The "Queen's Head" has passed through good times and bad. It is a perfect setting for a typical English pub, but has had difficulty maintaining viability in the age of pub meals and alcometers. The new licensees seem to be making a major effort at refurbishment, and the pub was certainly full on 14 May, although it was rather chilly for spectators, most of whom stayed indoors (at least, that's our excuse).

Suffice to say that the dancing was a little "early-seasonish", despite the efoorts of Neville and John Aldous to get into the spirit of the occasion with a demonstration of Early English Gut Barging

Gut Barging, Suffolk style.

But we danced as well.Hawkedon Dance

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