Hartest Crown

July 29th, 1998

with Bury Fair (and a bunch of Harlots)

This was one of those evenings when we acted as the guests of another side. Bury Fair, the very popular and proficient side from (surprise, surprise) Bury St Edmunds had invited us to join them at the Hartest Crown.

The sides assemble
Hartest is the next but one village up the valley. The Crown is a pleasant enough, and certainly ancient, pub, although rather too much of an eating rather than drinking establishment.

The car park is a good dancing surface, and is close by the ancient church, and fringed by stately trees.

Nature is grander than all ...
The weather had been foul all day, but quite predictably turned out fine for the evening.

As hosts, Bury Fair take pride of place here.

Jockey to the FAir
These images do not do justice to them,
Jockey again.
especially as Little Egypt had the enormous cheek to dance one of their dances - "The Fires of August" - which is a lyrical and stately exposition of recent English Harvest traditions.

Bury Fair

The Haverhill Harlots were their usual ebullient selves. Here they are seen dancing "Whiteladies Aston":

Harlots amuse themselves
needless to say, they also did their version of Vandals, the words of which have become even coarser at their not-so-delicate hands.

They were accompanied as always by Good Old Uncle Pete Isaacs.

Oh what a profile, oh what a song.

It was interesting to note that most of the audience were associated in one way or another with the three sides; among those watching were the wife and oldest daughter of yours truly.

Photos steal your soul
Got any good windows, Martin?

On a final note of etiquette, I include these pictures of Peter Ford,Not in uniform, Pete? taken after the beginning of the dance, just to humiliate him by showing just how late Spot the differencehe was at belling-up.

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