Men of Little Egypt

Dave Hartley

Hartley of Haverhill

Dave Hartley, or New New Dave as he is often called, to differentiate him from the other Dave, is a true son of Suffolk, emanating as he does from that cultural oasis known as Haverhill.

He is a well-known singer on the Round-the-Room circuit, and is particularly famed for his version of "A Yard Above Her Knee", about which we will say no more, lest the censors are monitoring this page.

His dedication to the Morris is underlined by the fact when he lived in Belgium, he regularly turned up for dances-out, having braved the storm-ravaged wastes of the English Channel. Now back in Blighty he still braves the ravages of the Stour Valley. We would expect nothing less from one who surf-boards as a non-Morris hobby - but at his age?



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