Haverhill Harlots Bring Grace and Culture to Cavendish

First pictures of Haverhill Harlots in Action

The sleepy, picture postcard village of Cavendish dozed on a fresh, bright summer evening.Cavendish Green

The Harlots danced a good selection of our favourites, including "Jenny Lind"Jenny Lind

Their version of "Vandals of Hammerwich" adapted Little Egypt's war-cry of "Look at my stick" to a line more appropriate for a ladies side. Unfortunately netiquette prevents my publishing the exact words here; fill in the gap for yourself: "Look at my ----"Vandals ...

They also danced "Speed the Plough", using the Glemsford tradition, the dance specially developed for Little Egypt's Horkey celebrations.... of HaverhillSpeed the PloughSpeed the Plough again

Not content with all that, they then showed us up something rotten, by dancing "Whiteladies Aston", TWICE, each time with equal vigour and energy, an event unheard-of in the annals of Little Egypt.Energy and enthusiasm.

The crowds at "The Bull" were most impressed.Precisionand commitmentand expertise

Dancing at "The Five Bells" was less formal, and included joint versions of the six-handed reel, and, of course, "Fanny Frail", by which time it was too dark to take photos. .. which was probably just as well.

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