Dancing Out at Hartest: July 14, 1999

With Bury Fair and the Haverhill Harlots

One of the features of the Morris that we enjoy most is meeting up with other sides, to share our fun, exchange jokes and insults, discuss method, learn tunes, and generally have a good time.

Thus it was that our '99 season included yet another visit to Hartest "Crown" to dance in a lovely setting with two of our favourite sides, Bury Fair and Haverhill Harlots.
No need for a lot of words; I hope the pictures speak for themselves.

Sometimes we danced as separate sides:

Look at the concentration!
here Little Egypt dance "Jenny Lind";
Such elegance as Bury Fair ...
while Bury Fair perform a delicate handkerchief dance.

Sometimes we danced together:

The musicians enjoyed themselves too, joining together to good effect:
Look at the size of his bodhran

Above all, the enjoyment of individuals shone through.
Dave Hartley Peter Ford

Incidentally, and very importantly, I must not let this new page pass without offering huge and sincere congratulations to Maureen and Peter on their marriage on 31 July, 1999. Well done!

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