Men of Little Egypt

Mike Hamilton

Mike has danced with us for some time now. He and his fair wife, Angie, used to live in one of the bijou residencettes that are the old cottages of Glemsford. They have, however, been transferred to the verdant pastures of Hartest where, apart from being able to drink in The Crown, they also benefit from a Bury St Edmunds telephone number.
Mike is a computer engineer, and has more than once been called upon to execute rescue missions on the various bits of hard- and software that lie around the side.

His dancing has been curtailed of late as a result of dodgy knees (tell me about it). Mike's knees, however, suffered not from old age, but from an over-enthusiastic landing in a hot air balloon. He did, however, return to the Dance on Boxing Day 1998,.and has continued since.



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