Men of Little Egypt

Graham "Simon" Dupree

(of the Big Sound, and "Kites")

I DO have a licence for these shorts, despite what people might say

It is a contractual pre-requisite of membership of The Morris Men of Little Egypt that some previous biographical details should be published here, just so we can tell whence the Men are coming, and how much the Membership alters them and their outlook.

Obviously the Vetting Committee look carefully at what they tell us, before publication, and rigorous checks are conducted to ensure that we don't admit unwanted hangers on: people from E**ex, or drivers of unnecessarily sporty cars, or wearers of silly wigs or moustaches, for instance.

Such is the efficiency of the checks that I can happily publish Mr Dupree's details (below) with only the slightest of editing.

I have lived in Glemsford longer than the Squire, and the Little Egyptians' succession planning process should keep this in mind.
Have watched the side on the last 2 Boxing Day sessions (you can see me in some of the photos for Boxing Day, Guinness in hand memorising the steps).
(Many have tried; some have been successful. Ed.)

... as one of the youngest LE's I bring the average down considerably. (Not hard, that one. Ed.)

At the first audition in the Methodist Hall ("is this Strictly Morris Dancing") I am told I brought tears to the Squire's eyes, I assume through my natural ability and timing. I prefer a cravat as opposed to a necktie, as the flowing silk only enhances the visual experience. (Exactly whose experience would that be, then? Ed.)

Initially went off the idea of joining when I searched on google "little+egyptians" and was directed to the circumcision rites of little egyptians - I've heard of the initiation ceremonies held in Long M*lf*rd but , really! (But that's all part of the vetting procedure. Ed)

I was trained in the following professional subjects: classical ballet, pas de deux, repertoire, acting, historical ballroom dances, folkdance, modern dance, music, dance history, history of music and arts:

My masters are Cyril Atanassoff, Annie Carbonnel, Eric Camillo, Florence Clerc, Gilbert Mayer, NoŽlla Pontois, Ghislaine Thesmar and "Sir" Jukes.

Part of the vetting procedure

Vetting procedure and backgound checks complete.

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