Dancing into Europe

Little Egypt's German Connection

In 1994, the Morris Men of Little Egypt were invited to join with the town-twinners of Haverhill in visiting Haverhill's twin town in Germany, Ehringshausen. Many of the team went and so successful was the visit that a whole new perspective on the power of dance has developed.

The hosts of the Morris men in Germany belonged to a local folk-dance group known as the Hoingker, from the neighbouring community of Aßlar-Werdorf. With a very different style of dancing, based on polkas and waltzes, they make a dazzling contrast to the more bucolic stompings of the Morris. Their hospitality was incomparable, and left a lasting impression on all who took part.

Since our first contact, the Hoingker have returned to Glemsford, in 1995; we in turn revisited the Hessenland in Autumn 1996.The pictures here are samples from our archives, recalling a wonderful few days in Hessen. We hope to welcome them back here in the not too distant future.

Dancing at the Dom
Dancing at the Dom in Cologne certainly took other visitors by surprise.
Gerhard Schone, one of our skilfully Anglophone hosts.
Gerhard Schöne is a leading light in the German-English friendship organisation, and a fine host.
We danced at Dillenburg, and met other strange costumes
During our stay we visited Dillenburg and danced at the Schloß where we met local people in historic dress.
We were treated regally in the Schloß at Werdorf
Throughout our stay we were entertained magnificently. This shows our "Welcome" evening in Aßlar-Werdorf.
We did a lot of sightseeing, including the bridge on the Lahn at Wetzlar
All our hosts went out of their way to show us the local sights. Wetzlar is a lovely town, set on the River Lahn.


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