Men of Little Egypt

Our Own Colonial Boy - Bob Farmer

Some photos don't do him justice

Bob Farmer comes to us from Tennessee, by way of Vietnam, Japan and Mildenhall airbase. Since the USAF had few challenges or excitements left to offer, the greater challenge of learning to dance the Morris took hold of Bob, and, in his retirement from active military duty, he has gone from strength to strength.

Bob always complains about the quality of the photos we have of him, but fails to understand that I have an ethical code to maintain, in having to "tell it like it is, boy".
In any case, these shots show accurately the four faces of Bob the Morris: the jovial "I love Saddam Hussein" Bob; the "Which Way'd They Go?" Bob; the "I'm knackered, let me lean on you a while" Bob and the "I've got my hankie stuck on the ceiling" Bob.

Apart from owning (and lovingly and painstakingly restoring) one of the oldest houses in the village, which predates our transatlantic colony by about 300 years, Bob also plays a mean penny whistle, deals in antiques and can occasionally be persuaded to sing songs of a dubiously lewd nature, but all, of course, in the best possible taste.

His membership of Little Egypt is easily understood by looking at his "life objective" (every home should have one):
"To provide experienced incountry, on-site, consultation services to companies and organisations operating in the United Kingdom environment."
Bob has many strengths, some of which are relevant to Little Egypt (being, as it is, quintessentially an organisation "operating in the United Kingdom environment"),
and some of which aren't ...

From where I stand, it's a long way down.



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