Men of Little Egypt

John SuttleMr Mayor on May Day - well, it was early

Doods is of indeterminate age. A long-serving member of the Parish Council, and self-appointed mayor of South Glemsford, he has lived in Glemsford most of his life, and owns a wonderful house on the edge of the village. He is a tall willowy man of no uncertain delicacy of step. "Angular" is a word which has been used to describe him, but not when he's listening.

John has been to virtually every Cambridge Folk Festival there has been and is no mean guitarist himself. He has a fine singing voice, but lets himself down by tending towards transatlantic material. It has to be said, however, that his version of "Me and Bobby McGhee" would bring tears to the eyes of Kris Kristofferson. He also plays a very impressive guitar.

In a separate incarnation, normally to be seen at the Horkey he will appear, or so it is said, as "Skipper Whiting" to regale us with various ditties such as "The Shoals of Herring".



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