Little Egypt's Christmas Dinner
December 16, 2000

Once again, Martin Cleverdon organised an excellent festivity for us at the Cock and Bell, in Long Melford

Proceedings were supervised by Neville in his usual fashion and from his usual position, on the top table That man there ...!
Once again, there was an excellent turn out, and the tables positively groaned under the food and wineOh, no ...
John Aldous conducted a very funny performance of Little Egypt mumming awards. He persuaded one of the waitresses that the end of Neville's drive was a place worth visiting Me? On the top table? I don't believe it!
John Suttle really enjoyed himself: his festive hat was one of the best.Where did I put my cracker?
Julie performed an amusing version of the "12 Days of Christmas" which caused a great deal of hilarity ... and a partridge in a pear tree...
At the end of the evening, the waitresses were invited to judge the "Most Festive Hat" competition. Despite various attempts at bribery, and other blandishments (Jukes, of course), they selected a clear winner - but I can't remember who it was! Must have been a good evening. Mine's the best!

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