Abridged Too Far: Robert's Diary from

Episode 7ème: fevrier 2003
A slightly different diary this month


As it was very cold the first couple of weeks this month, although I had restarted work on no. 1, not much was achieved as I had to abandon any form of plastering, due to it freezing up at night and leaving a mess of ruined work.

Chatted to estate agents about the possibility of selling no. 1 as it is, they are very confident they can sell it, and if the price they are quoting is achieved I will be very happy and have enough money to finish doing up no. 3 and rebuild no. 2.

11eme Fev saw me leaving at 2 a.m. to drive to Caen to catch the ferry to Portsmouth, after a good trip and my first panic attack at the dock gate traffic lights as to which side of the road I should be on, had a good trip to St Neots where I stayed with my sister, we picked Mum up on the Friday to celebrate her 82nd birthday and had a good weekend of celebrations with my very small immediate family.

Me and brother in law Peter went for a pint or several Sunday to his local, and who do I bump into Tony and Linda Bentley from Walton via Glemsford visiting his Sister in St Neots - small world.

Monday saw me heading for the metropolis of Glemsford, where I stayed with Tony and Rosemary - thanks again - not a lot of change apart from the building of god knows how many compact over-crowded destined to be this century slums on Cuttings' whore/warehouse site. Had a meal with Martin and Shelly, who are renting no. 65 from me, on Tues. night - thought it might make me homesick but it was just like visiting another house which I am pleased to say is being looked after very well. Wed. went over to Saffron Walden and cooked Mum smoked haddock; we were both rather choked at saying goodbye for the next 10 months. Wed night in the Angel and nice to see all my friends' again - thanks for turning up and apologies to those I did not get to see. Thurs. saw me loading up the VW with the last of my furniture. Fri. heading for Portsmouth and home.

Sat 22nd, 2.10 a.m., arrived home at La Behorais to a wonderful welcome from Polly who has been well looked after by Riggette. The rest of the month has been spent unpacking the van and fitting a quart of furniture into a pint pot maison, converting the old pigsty next to no. 3 into a store room and workshop with a new door and window and electric supply. Also receiving unhelpful letters from French about registration of VW.

A good month with the trip to England; I am glad to say it made me sure my home is at La Behorais.

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