Mo's Tenth Anniversary: March 27, 1999

The celebrations of Mo's ten years at "The Angel" started early and finished late.

The pub was thronged with well-wishers, including several old favourites.

Ivan Pearson, of course, sat quietly in his corner:

Ivan Pearson

John Hendrick, of course, can't do anything quietly, can you Baldrick? He even made a speech in praise of Mo, greeted with loud cries of "Hear, hear" from the assembled company.

I've got a cunning plan

Sid and his family were there:

Tim came too (should that be "to"?).

Now: where have I seen that face before?

Tony Ward arrived in good form. Was it as good when he left?

Do you remember the Muppet Show? Jim and Stuart do.What do you think of the show?

In the middle of the celebrations, Paul Jacques and Pam sidled out of the throng to make a presentation to our beloved landlady.

One part of the presentation was a beautifully decorated cake:

A wondrous confection

If you can't quite see, there is some beautiful detail in the decoration:

Artistic perfection

The second part of the presentation took the form of a caricature of Mo, created by a local artist.

A sign in the heavens.

If you don't know "The Angel", this is also a caricature of the inn sign. The details are symbolically significant.

Firstly we have Mo's catch phrase:

Bloody Marvellous

And secondly, we have a clear image of Mo's Little Helper:

Time for a Tia Maria, I think

Judging by the state of the eyes and the sepulchral hush in the bar on Sunday lunchtime, a grand time was had by all. It was really amazing to see just how many "regulars" "The Angel" has. There are rumours of more nefarious activities involving the removal of certain items of clothing. If pictures exist, I will do my best to publish them, but of cousre that will turn this page into an 18+ only site, with password and NetNanny. However, if I can't find or publish pictures, I will make sure you all get more anecdotes later.

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