Welcome to issue 3 of the Camel, the On-line version of the only Magazine dedicated to the cause of the Morris Men Of Little Egypt. This successful broadsheet is now recognised worldwide as the definitive Morris periodical. However, it is only as good as its content (?!) and, as such, we welcome your input. All articles are, therefore, gratefully received; please see the back page for details. All contributions are expected to be gratis, naturally.
Due to the incredible lack of support from the indigenous population of Glemsford, it has been decided to postpone the Glemsford Millennium Barn dance, and 're issue' it as a bona fide Little Egypt Barn Dance at a later date. Hopefully within a few weeks.
The response was such that Little Egypt could have faced major financial losses, as well as major losses of face. The decision was not taken lightly.
Generally, we have always put in a very credible show with an excellent turnout; we do not want to destroy our reputation. We hope no-one is upset at this decision.

WELCOME to the new members, i.e. Mark, Maggie, Pat The Hat & Christine, and, occasionally Jonno. Great to see you all out enjoying yourselves. You will not regret it. Come on Jonno, you know you can do it! No commitment, no comment! Err…?

Where is he now?
ROCHESTER 2000 Well, what a fun time we had at the Sweeps 2000 this year. The weather was excellent, the dancing was …err…excellent, the beer was excellent (as long as you don't take your pint mug out of Wetherspoons!) The Totty was excellent! The food was, um, edible.
We had a great time dancing with Ely & Littleport Riot & others. In particular, I think Bangs enjoyed himself immensely and has fallen in love again, so Jukes said.
The Bus was an excellent idea (Maggie) and very cheap. Don't forget, it was £10 per head, please pay Proffo pronto.
Rochester has some stunning Neo Gothic architecture, not dissimilar to some of the locals as it happens.
The atmosphere though was spot on, I am sure everyone had an ace time. Strange though, how our dancing sort of, er, deteriorated as the day went on?!
Can't wait for ROCHESTER 2001 (a space odyssey, perhaps….)
DANCING IN THE DAWN What a shame; one wonders what we have to do to see a sunrise on May 1st! Then again, the very enthusiasm and verve of all who turned up was enough to, um, compensate for the, er, lack of sun, and extreme cold.
Thanks must go to Squire Neville for supplying warming liquor.
Further, what better way to warm up than to attempt to push a Renault people carrier out of the quagmire…Hartley...
Thanks also to Janet at the Angel who single handedly supplied our breaky (whilst John snoozed away oblivious).
It may be a drag to have to get up at 4:00 or earlier to be there, but it's worth it. Whether the sun is visible or not, our spirits are always high!
Cant beat it, eh?!
Bocking proved a surprisingly good venue after dancing in the dawn on May 1st. Well done to Bob for turning up having gone to sunny Luton! Great dancing from 'Pat the Hat' and Mark as well!

POLICE are keen to interview a group of men recently seen barbequing in the area. Several people in the locality of the Black Barn shat themselves to death after eating uncooked chicken. Photofit pictures are shown below. Call 999 with any information.


We got 'em, tons of the mothers,
well, 130 anyway. A new supply
has just arrived from
Quasimodo and Co.
Admittedly, they are rather large,
but the SOUND and TONE!!
You have to have some!
See Julie for further details and
places to put your cash in.
We will be the SONIC ENVY
of all other sides,
All witty and entertaining articles will be
considered for inclusion in the
next 'no holds barred'
issue of CAMEL
Either supply your copy in writing, by smoke signals, by phone, carrier pigeon, to:
Tommo or
Mr Proffo

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