Men of Little Egypt

Brian Stephens

At last, details of a New Wave Morris Man;
I hope more will follow.

Brian took early retirement from the BBC in London and moved to Glemsford just so that he was eligible to join Little Egypt.
Following an evening of light refreshments in Glemsford's The Angel public house he formally signed up in October 2003.
He has little memory of who put the pen in his hand and as yet no-one is owning up. He is hoping to have mastered at least one dance by the end of the decade and tries to attend each of the weekly rehearsals, although he admits that most times all he can recall is a blur of sticks.
Such is the attraction of Little Egypt that his wife Ruth has started to learn the melodeon in order to become a Morris Babe.
In his spare time Brian can be seen tilling the soil in his back garden, looking forward to harvesting numerous tasty vegetables.
Otherwise he'll be inside his cottage fixing another gaping hole and generally propping up the structure.
That's country life.....

And that, members of the jury, is a typical Little Egypt story ...



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