The Morris Men of Little Egypt: Boxing Day 2000

Back Home at the Black Lion

Well: Boots have done their best, so here are the rest of the Boxing Day snaps - at least, those which will pass Nanny Watch.

As always, the hospitality at Nev's was generous. This is a vital warm up session before the serious business of the day begins. The sausages were hot, and the ale was Adnams. Jukes enjoys Old Ale. It suits his time of life.
Before processing to the Black Lion, we assembled for a few formalities at the end of Nev's Drive. This included the musicians tuning up.Maggie enjoys blowing bottom C
As is traditional, the side posed for a Boxing Day Group Photo. Some posed more than others.
The cast, from left to right: Trevor, John Aldous, Dave Jukes, Martin Cleverdon, Steve, New New John, John Proffitt, Tommo (unseen but there), Bob, Julie, New Mark, Maggie, Geoff, Nev. For some reason, Old Martin missed it.
Jukes enjoys posing.
We had a full orchestra out for the great day.
From left to right: Edward (trombone), Alex (fiddle), Pip ( recorder), Steve (tambour), (Martin (squeeze box). Julie (Bazouki) was also there, hiding.
It was very cold
This Boxing Day was properly cold, but an excellent crowd left the warmth of the pub to be entertained.
Here the side perform "Sweet Jenny Jones"
Note the foot movement
Given the light-heartedness of the day, Nev rechristened the dance in honour of my Wimbledon scarf, "Sweet Vinnie Jones". Hence the flag-waving. Wimbledon's only supporter within 50 miles.
Some of the dances were taken extremely seriously. Despite the Rudolf noses, this version of the Upton on Severn Stick Dance drew gasps of admiration from the crowd and squeals of pain from Tommo.This is the big one ...
As always, we finished our performance with audience participation in "Fanny Frail". Again, the faces reveal just how seriously it was taken. No, this is

Once the dancing was done, we adjourned to the pub for beer, and the now traditional performance of the Mummers Play.

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