The Morris Men of Little Egypt: Boxing Day 2000

Back Home at the Black Lion

After our temporary exile last year, on account of the then miserable landlord, Little Egypt returned to our spiritual home for the 2000 Boxing Day festivities.

As in previous years, we foregathered at Nev's Place for pre-dance bonding and ale-consumption, before processing down Lion Road to the pub, where a very healthy crowd was waiting to greet us.

The day was very cold, but quite brigh; far better, in fact, than the muggy, tepid stuff we've had to tolerate in recent years.

Once the dancing was over, we adjourned to the hostelry for more festivities, including this year's performance by the Little Egypt Stour Valley Mummers.

The pictures which follow are only the first rushes of the usual grainy, low res. digital stuff; the better ones are now available HERE, along with full details of this year's Mumming.

The end of Nev's Drive is as good a place as any to assemble for ale and sausages before the rigours of the Dance. The End of Nev's Drive
Once at the Black Lion, the side prepared to dance Preparing to dance
under the watchful gaze of John Aldous John is a proud man
and the loving gaze of Neville Neville always wears a grand hat

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