Boxing Day 1999: the action

The day began with a gathering at the elegant home of Tommo and Julie, which provides beautiful views back across the valley of the Glem towards Glemsford church.It was a cold but bright and pleasant morning.
Back across the Glem
After warming drinks and nibbles, we gathered outside to toast our German friends, the Hoingker, and other "absent friends" with a traditional tot of Kummel, brought to us this year courtesy of Alex, who is spending a year in Berlin.
Then we processed rhythmically and in stately fashion, down the hill.
Before the danceThe procession
Another break for tradition was the wearing of our Horkey gear, rather than our normal Cotswold whites.
It was but a short dance to the "White Hart"
Our supporters followed usThe musicians
On arrival at the "White Hart" we found a goodly crowd waiting bravely in the cold to greet us.
Arriving at the pubThe venue for our dance this year
The dancing followed a familiar pattern. Even Trevor was persuaded to take part. But beforehand, we had to talk.
Preparing to danceRing of Bells
The dancing was energetic and warmly appreciated. In fact we danced rather more than is usual.
Ring of BellsThe musicians at the White Hart
"Vandals of Hammerwich" is always a great favourite.
VandalsVandals again
There was a strong turn out of musicians this year. However, despite our best efforts, someone always seems to get hold of the drum.
Dancing scene
We finished our set, after much debate, with a rousing production of "Fanny Frail", that grand old audience participation dance.
Fanny FrailAnd so to the pub

Once the dancing was finished, we went inside for the mumming, as well as some well earned, and kindly-provided nibbles and drinks. There were also renditions of "Singing in the Rain", "Sunshine Mountain" and other songs. There was a surprise appearance by Vera Lynn-lookalike J**n B***s, and Tommo's Boy Band played a few ditties too.
Even if we say it ourselves, a good time was had by all, and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. Thanks very much to all and sundry, for being there and helping.

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