Boxing Day 1997

Dancing Away Those Hangovers

and creating new ones!

Ever since The Morris Men of Little Egypt were first created, back in the hazy mists of time and alcohol, it has been our tradition to dance outside our spiritual home, the Black Lion, at lunchtime on Boxing Day. The pub is always bursting at the seams, and some times they even come outside to watch us.

1997 was a vintage year.

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We foregathered at Nev's placeBefore The Storm for some excellent mulled wine, Nethergate Fine Ale and sausages.

Before we processed down Lion Road we collected for a ceremonial drinking of the health of our German friends, the Hoingker, making good use of an excellent bottle of Kummel.

Toasting Our Friends

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We also greeted the first public dancing of New New New New New John (Flemming) New New New New New New John (Old Trevor is in the background)and the obligatory presentation of his L plates.

Everybody has to start somewhere.

Having discarded HIS plates at our Christmas dinner, Tommo celebrated his first Little Egypt Christmas by calling Ring of Bells, during which dance, Rhythmic Trevor Newsome joined in for his annual workout. We also welcomed Prodigal Toby into that dance. Toby is a yoof who danced with us in 1996, but felt it diminished his street cred and has avoided us since. The magnetic attraction of The Dance was just (understandably) too much for him.

Tommo takes everything so seriously

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After dancing The Unsung Musical Heroes of Little Egyptand marvelling at the exploits of the Stour Valley Mummers, the afternoon continued with John (call me John) Aldous' renditions of Sunshine Mountain and Singing in the Rain, Dave Hartley, (Click here for a bigger picture) fresh back from Belgium (well wouldn't you?)

Dave looks well on his cross channel travels

and the now unavoidable appearance of John (call me John) Bangs in the guise of Dame Vera Lynn presenting new interpretations of We'll Meet Again and There'll Be Bluebirds Over ... .

Wrong stick position? Never mind, Pete, it's your birthday.

Boxing Day is Peter Ford's birthday so we think he deserves a bigger picture, too. After lengthy carousing at the Lion, festivities continued long into the evening at Park Farm, courtesy of Peter and his family.

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