June 20th 1998

Park Farm, Glemsford

Little Egypt's Wonderful Midsummer Barn Dance

Building on the success of our last two Horkeys, this year we decided to celebrate Midsummer with a Barn Dance and Barbecue. Unlike many Barn Dances, relegated to village halls, social clubs and sports halls, this one was held in a big, black, medieval barn,

The gaping maw of the Barn
courtesy, as so often, of Mr Peter Ford

A man of uncertain vintage

Unfortunately, since my services were needed by the resident band, our very own Horkey Band, I was unable to blitz the event with my camera, so I had to make do with taking a few after shots the next morning.

Take it from me, the event was a great success, with guests from far and wide, including Belchamp and the Harlots. Mr Dave Jukes performed miracles behind the barbecue (and probably behind the barn, if the truth be known).

Nev's Bar did a roaring trade (it is a sign of the fact that we attracted young as well as old that we sold out of l*g*r).

The event nearly coincided with Tommo's departure from the trade of estate agent. To celebrate his move back in to the world of truth and reality, he bought himself a new van, which made its debut here.

The next morning, the church

and valley
The Glem ValleyGlem Valley
looked wonderful.and again

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