Glemsford, Rule The Waves (4)

It Floats!

Ongoing Hush-Hush Sea Trials Confirm Little Egypt's Entry into Naval History

All is ready

A quick haul over land ...
The move from construction to launch base was carried out successfully.

The craft was manoeuvred swiftly from transport to the water's edge, including negotiating

... brought the team to the last major obstacle
a small but tricky cliff face. Thus all was ready for the first encounter with the new environment of water, wind and waves.

The critical moment had arrived: all that was left was to test the craft in its natural home

Will it float?.
Nothing could or did go wrong. Soon, the trusty barge was in its intended element.
Yes it will and does.
and being left to its own devices for a moment or two
It STILL floats
before Coxswain Phillips took the initiative in attempting to board the masterpiece of aquatic design.
Steady as she goes.

The proving trials then took place.

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