Glemsford, Rule The Waves (2)

It Floats!

Ongoing Hush-Hush Sea Trials Confirm Little Egypt's Entry into Naval History

The depths of the Suffolk/Essex border country
Only the gentle calling of a pair of collared doves, the gentle burble of willow warblers, the ripple of gently-flowing water on pebbles and the bemused gaze of a mystified dog-walker bore witness to the first successful wetting of The Angel's Barge (4 August 1998).

Signs were put up to deter the curious onlookers
Carried out in circumstances of utmost secrecy, the launch went without a hitch.

Your intrepid reporter risked life, limb and arthritic knees to obtain these first shots of this new challenge to international marine supremacy.

Top secret

The following pages illustrate the whole event.

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