Glemsford, Rule The Waves

(... or, at least, the Stour...)

Strange noises have been heard emanating from behind

The Angel, from benind.
The Angel of late. Despite what might have been thought, these sounds have not been the sound of Roy Porter rehearsing his part for the Colchester Tattoo.

No: it seems as though some of the regulars - Tim, Trevor, Jos and Colin - believe they have the briney coursing in their veins. As if to prove this, they have been building a boat, nay a ship ... well, alright, a raft

You may well ask.

August 31st - late summer Bank Holiday in the UK - is, this year, the occasion of the annual River Stour Raft Race from the Quay Theatre in Sudbury. Our intrepid venturers after excitement and notoriety have determined to take part, and to win.

Hence, the noises.

Your intrepid searcher after wisdom and truth risked life and limb to conduct a little bit of Industrial and Nautical Espionage (which is probably still a hanging offence in Suffolk), to obtain these exclusive pictures of the erection. I should hasten to add that I had to persuade members of Her Majesty's Constabulary that my intentions were entirely honorable, as they were using Mo's Back Yard for a training exercise (and a cigarette) at the time.

Any way, here are the results;

The bare bones of Glemsford's Dreadnought
The simple elements of design are clearly obvious.
The sensitively arranged seating facilities
Complex life saving and hydrodynamic features are incorporated in the design.
An aerial view
Passenger comfort has been allowed for within the demands of speed.

Would be competitors have been warned.

Watch this space. Follow this link for details of the launching

And here for the rest of the details of Mo's Hydronauts:

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