Little Egypt at Bardwell

June 2nd, 2000

We've been to Bardwell before, both to dance for the windmill and for mumming. This year we went back because we quite like the Dun Cow. Bardwell Inn sign
The side at Bardwell It was one of our "early season" dances, so we made sure we took a group photo for the archives.
Neville, somehow, is photogenic. He has such prominent features, and cuts an imposing figure. Sometimes he gets mistaken for Captain Mainwaring. Neville as we know him
Getting ready to dance Little Egypt always take several minutes to compose themselves for a dance, getting in the right mood, and consulting Feng Shui. Technically, this is known as
"having a chat".
As always, Dave was his charming self.Dave Jukes as always
Mark and Pat Our newcomers, Mark and Pat, have settled in nicely, and now a regular section of the side. No doubt, we'll think up some insults for them, too.
Maggie and Julie add to the side's musical repertoire. Julie and Maggie
Dancing Sweet Jenny Jones We borrowed "Sweet Jenny Jones" from Westrefelda. It has become a very popular feature of our dancing.
Someone always lets us down. Somehow, a mobile phone doesn't fit the spirit of the morris, does it? Unforgiveable